Island ophører med at udgive frimærker

De sidste 8 serier er udgivet, og kan købes/benyttes
så længe oplaget rækker.

Se hjemmesiden og oversæt den til dansk.

New stamps May 7th
Dear collector,Last year was a year of change for Iceland Post – with our new CEO Birgir Jónsson’s arrival in May 2019, a long awaited reorganization started within the company. Postphil’s operational structure underwent some changes and in December the office was moved to a new location.

Since the 2020 stamps issues had already been designed, it was decided to go ahead, so two issues dates are planned this year, on May 7th and October 29th.
However, as these will be Iceland Post’s very last issues, we really hope that you will appreciate the care and dedication put into their making and design.
We also encourage you to place your order early.

For the first Icelandic stamp issue of 2020, eleven new stamps will be released in the following eight series:

Please note that some delivery delays are to be expected due to the pandemic affecting the postal services worldwide.

You can find all our products and read more about the issues on

Best regards,
The staff at Postphil

Iceland Post no longer publishes Stamp newsletters in print.
You can find digital copies of all Postphil’s past newsletters here.